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Niggles & Glitches

Here are a few examples of common PC faults.


Floppy cable wrong way round

Hard Disc cable wrong way round

BIOS settings: Hard Disc settings

Screws trapped under motherboard

Non-boot disc left in floppy drive

Brightness/contrast maladjusted

Bent pin on VDU data cable

Loose Connections

Wrong jumper settings on Hard Disc – detects in BIOS but won’t boot

PSU to motherboard connection wrong – possible permanent damage

Mouse ball/internal rollers dirty – causes poor movement of pointer

No ink in printer – blank pages printed

Paper out

Bent paper causing jams

Modem - not connected to PC, to telephone socket, not turned on

Date wrong on internal clock – notice on letters and e-mails

Caps Lock left on – try Shift F3 in Word

Files saved to wrong locations

Mouse and keyboard in wrong ports

Stuck key on keyboard – check for 1st if PC beeping

No sound – speaker plugged in right hole? Speaker tuned on?

PC left connected to Internet by mistake – check auto-disconnect settings in modem settings

E-mails not arriving – check spelling!

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