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Glossary of Terms- Measurement

Bit Binary digit.

The smallest piece of information that is used by the computer. In computer language, either a one (1) or a zero (0) -- to create a 1 or a 0, the tiny microcircuit in question is literally "off" or "on."

Byte Binary digit 8
A piece of computer data made up of eight bits.

One thousand bits. (Abbreviation: Kb)

One thousand (actually 1024) bytes. (Abbreviation: K, KB)


One thousand kilobits. (Abbreviation: Mb)

One million bytes. A term used to describe RAM or hard disk storage space. (Abbreviation: MB, Meg)

One thousand (actually 1024) megabytes. A term used to describe RAM or hard disk storage space. (Abbreviation: GB, Gig).

One billionth of a second.

Bits per second. A measurement of the speed at which data travels from one place to another; sometimes expressed as Kbps (thousands of bits per second) or Mbps (millions of bits per second).

Baud is an older measurement for data transmission speed. One baud is one change of electronic state per second. A more accurate (and therefore more widely used) term is bps (bits per second) -- see above.

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