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Great Unanswered Questions of the Universe

why? why? why?

Why do hulking great Land Rovers have tiny little lights?
Why are bus stops placed in the most dangerous places imaginable, ie on a blind bend, next to a junction, in a dip?
Why is it that only short people fit seat extensions in a Mini?
Why isn't Lead Replacement Petrol as cheap as Unleaded?  It doesn't contain any lead.
What is this in Oxenhope?

Photograph taken on the road to Howarth, West Yorkshire, England.

Do the markings indicate an underground water system?  Or is it a Bronte tomb?

No one knows

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Do you know that dinosaur remains have been found in Howarth?


They were from a Brontesaurus

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err?  Meaningful names?
barkisland mystery1.jpg (15415 bytes) Found at Barkisland, near Halifax.

Is this ancient civilisation or too many mushrooms?

Why does my Nokia 5110 act as a receiver for everyone elses mobile when it is switched on.

It gets really annoying when my stereo gets interrupted all the time. 

Can anyone offer useful advice, other than:  

turn it off

buy another telephone

why? why? why?