'Ginger' -  Mini Clubman Estate 998cc 1977

Ginger is a 83,000 1977 Mini Clubman Estate in lovely mace and has been treated to an HL interior and grill at some point.  There are signs of a re-spray (in the same colour bizarrely, instead of nice red or blue)

Nice clean HL seats   Note Drivers seat is no longer present and has blue Mayfair one in place now

                   I think Ginger has a 998cc A+ engine from a later Mini, on the theory that yellow engines are 998cc A+

There were issues with changing gear. We noticed that the clutch slave cylinder was of the early type and instead of a flexible hose to the master cylinder, some genius had fashioned a rigid copper pipe. 

This tyre, a Dunlop India GT, looked pristine but blew up 3 miles into a trip to the local Mini Club.

Fixing brakes

   Jobs to Do
   Weld up hole in front panel, rear floor, rear valance, rear door
   Sort clutch - may be adjustment but looks like there are a mix of bits: verto and earlier
   Change fuse box - very corroded
   Fit proper driver's door mirror
   Stop water coming in
   Tax and MOT
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