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Confused by the wide range of Central Processing Units available?

I hope this helps a little.

Keeping up to date with all the different CPUs is quite difficult, which CPU is fitted to your PC?  If you wanted to upgrade, are the CPUs still available?

Types of CPUs and Sockets/Slots Available on Motherboards

Each time you separate the CPU from the heat sink you should replace the thermal paste.  Clean off the old paste first and be sparing with the new paste - it doesn't use much.

This page is a little out of date.  For comprehensive information, visit the CPU Shack

Socket 7
Intel, AMD and Cyrix have all made CPUs that fit into this socket.  This is now virtually obsolete.  Few PC manufacturers use this architecture.
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Socket 370 (PPGA)
This is the socket developed by Intel for their Celeron range of CPUs. PPGA - Plastic Pin Grid Array
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Slot 1
This is the Slot developed by Intel for their original PII, PIII and Celeron CPUs, later replaced by the Socket 370 (PPGA).
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Pentiums.jpg (17932 bytes) The processors here are all Pentium III.  The top 2 are Socket 370 (PPGA), showing top and bottom.

The bottom 2 are the slot 1 variety.   Shown here without and with the heatsink assembly.

Slot 2
This is the slot developed by Intel for their PII and PIII XEON CPUs
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The Pentium 4, shown here with heatsink and RAMBUS memory modules
Fits into this 478 pin socket.  Shown bare and with beefy cooler
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Confusingly there are 2 socket types for Pentium 4s.   423 and 478 pin sockets.  These are not interchangeable.  So be aware when attempting to upgrade the CPU in your motherboard!

All new P4 motherboards should be 478 pin

Slot A
This is the original slot from AMD for their Athlon CPUs
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Replaced by the Socket A as used by the Duron
athlon_sktA.jpg (3530 bytes) ** AMD CPUs run at high temperatures.  Make sure that your CPU cooler is up to the job and reliable!
Socket A
The  Duron chip from AMD.
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