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PCs are available as many different types.  I have compiled a collection of CPU types and the slots they fit into.

Current CPU types: Socket 7, Slot 1, Slot A, etc


Differences in PC Types
Form Factors
Motherboard Components
Identifying Motherboard Expansion Slots
The Chipset
Data Transfer
Niggles & Glitches

Compact PC Buyers Guide

Don't believe the hype and think that you have to buy a future proofed umpteen hundred megahertz PC.

Identify your requirements then buy a PC to match those.

The world's business organisations are still using older PCs so unless blasting Aliens, creating huge databases or editing videos are essential then a second hand Pentium will do just fine.

If you want to play games, buy a games console.

** Did you know that a quality PC graphics card costs as much as a whole games console!!


When you do look for a PC, remember:

Get the best quality and largest screen you can afford - less eye strain


RAM is more important than CPU speed!


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I work at Calderdale Council, Halifax, as an IT Network Officer for the IT Division.

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