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TLC for the Blue Bus

Jobs to be done:

  1. New rubber seal around the lifting roof.
  2. Passenger door lock springs.
  3. Connect Gas Bottle to cooker.
  4. Shock absorbers, the Bus feels a bit "wallowy".
  5. Why is bus so cold?


Jobs Completed

  1. Replace broken handle for Drivers door window (David did that)
  2. "New Type" disc brake upgrade – we have pre-’73 discs.
  3. Dynamo to alternator conversion
  4. New steering rack - MOT man says 12" play isn't good enough
  5. New anti-roll bar and bushes - replaced due to corrosion
  6. Connected Gas Bottle to cooker
  7. Shock abosorbers
  8. New heat exchangers and rorty torty exhaust
  9. Er, sorry Blue Bus!



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