Mini Electrics

If you were to compare the electrics in a Mini with a modern car, you would conclude that Minis are much simpler.
So why do owners seem to struggle so much?
What age does a car get to when it appears mandatory to fit as many scotchlok connectors as possible?
Why do people run extra wires through the loom?
This page will eventually contain a summary of Mini electrics and common problems with their solutions.
Weird Problems
Weird problems can usually be traced to poor earthing. Always clean back to shiney bare metal.
Fit your connector, then put grease on top.  Copper grease only conducts if under compression.
Metal to metal contact is always better.
Typically, battery fails to charge can be a loose engine earth strap
Is My Alternator Working?
With the engine running. Connect the positive lead (red) from your multi-meter to the positive connector on the battery and the negative lead (black) to any reliable earth point.
Switch the multi-meter to 20V DC range.  you should see a reading of greater than 13volts but less than 16volts
If you run the car then stop and the starter motor is sluggish, you may find that the live feed cable is a loose fit on the starter motor.
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