When I started November 2007
Fox Defences
Muddy Quagmire
Quail 2009
Hens 2010
Hens 2011
Moved huts round again.
Dustbin contains shredded paper for bedding.  Pink bottle is extra nutrients
'Evil Bantam', silver hen on right,  wears the trousers in this hen run.
Run is now extended under the trees. These hens roost in the trees at night.
See the feathered alarm clock on the right. Unfortunately preset to 5am!

They look scruffy when they moult

An intruder has burrowed in. This will be a rodent hole. The fox can't burrow in here because of all the tree roots. I have now blocked this hole.
The mesh is pinned down with tent pegs and weighted with big stones.